Network & Server/Hosting Uptime (Bare Metal Services)
What we promised to our clients are 99% Network Uptime, meaning our network will always up all the time and if there are cases like power failure or cables disconnected, we will always have standby backup to limit the downtime or making sure no downtime.

While we can promise 99% Network uptime, we cannot promise 99% server uptime, this is because, each and every clients server are maintained differently, some might needed reboot each and every week or some may have malfunction or software error maybe during installation or hosting. For these we isolated all server and hosting account for each clients so the downtime will not affects other clients. Sometimes some clients may also experienced frequentl downtime due to unsupported and unstable software or due to frequent changes in the contents that might caused data error. So this is why server uptime will not always 99%, its up to the requirement of the clients which can alter the uptime.
Last Updated: 03 Feb 2019
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